Can You Freeze Vodka? Facts You Should Know

Can You Freeze Vodka

Can you freeze vodka? If you are a fan of alcoholic beverages, you might as well ask the same question. In this post, I will share with you some interesting facts about vodka.

So, can you freeze vodka? Yes, you can freeze vodka but it is not the way you probably do with regular alcoholic beverages. This is because vodka has high alcohol content (200 proof or 100%). Therefore, it requires at least -114 degrees Celsius or -173 degrees Fahrenheit to freeze.

Due to its concentrated alcohol content, vodka will not freeze using a regular domestic fridge. This is the reason why most people wonder why vodka does not freeze.

If you want to freeze vodka, you simply need a refrigerator that can produce cooler temperatures of at least -114 degrees Celsius. A laboratory fridge can be capable of producing such low temperatures.

However, there are many alcoholic beverages that do freeze in a regular refrigerator. Those beverages have lower alcohol content making them easier to freeze.

In other words, the more alcohol is in the beverage, the lower temperature it requires to freeze. A beverage that has only 1% alcohol (ethanol) content will freeze just below 0 degrees Celsius. But a beverage that contains 95% ethanol requires at least -114 degrees Celsius to freeze.

Temperature Requirement to Freeze Vodka

As mentioned, vodka can be frozen but it requires a certain freezing point that normally cannot attain by an ordinary freezer. This leads to a wrong assumption that vodka cannot be frozen.

The truth is that it contains more ethanol than other alcoholic beverages making it hard to freeze. It requires at least -114 degrees Fahrenheit before it hardens.

Beverages with low alcohol content such as beer and wine tend to freeze faster in the regular domestic freezer. If you put them in the fridge with vodka, do not be surprised why vodka does not freeze. As you know, it has more concentrated alcohol content than beer and wine.

Things to Remember When Storing Vodka in the Freezer

So far, we discussed why vodka does not freeze easily. If your freezer can attain the freezing point thus can freeze vodka, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

The most important thing to remember is that when the beverage reached the freezing point, the water in it tends to expand. The expansion will in turn cause the glass container to shatter.

If you are freezing vodka with water added to it, this is something you need to remember. Although adding water can help speeds up the freezing process, the water will expand if frozen.

To keep everything safe, it is recommended to keep the bottle of vodka without adding water to it. If water is added, make sure that the bottle is not overfilled.

Another safety tip is to store the beverage in a plastic container. The plastic is more flexible than the original bottle. So the beverage is safe and you minimize the risk of making a mess. You can use a premixed frozen cocktail.

How to Freeze Vodka?

One way to freeze vodka is of course to use an industrial freezer. However, if it is not possible, there are two other ways you can do it.

The first one is using dry ice. What you can do is to surround a bottle of vodka with dry ice. This will provide cold temperatures down to -78 degrees Celsius or -109 degrees Fahrenheit. Adding chips of dry ice will extra effect. Bubbles will form as the result of carbon dioxide sublimation.

It is important to remember though that cooling vodka this way makes it too cold to drink.

The second way you can freeze vodka without a freezer is by adding liquid nitrogen into it. You might notice this as the bartender prepares a drink. As the nitrogen evaporates, it creates fog.

Liquid nitrogen is even colder than dry ice. It drops the temperature down to -196 degrees Celsius or -320 degrees Fahrenheit. If you freeze vodka this way, please be reminded that frozen vodka is extremely cold and can be difficult to drink.

Does Vodka Freeze When Mixed with Juice?

As mentioned, vodka tends to freeze faster if it is added to water and other liquid. Will it also freeze when mixed with juice?

Well, it depends on the vodka and juice ratio. If the juice content is just a small amount, then vodka will not freeze in a regular domestic freezer.

What Causes Some Brands of Vodka to Freeze Solid?

There are two possible reasons why some brands of vodka freeze solid. Generally, it depends on the composition of the beverage. For instance, if the ethanol content is low, for instance below 40% or 80 proof, it tends to freeze faster.

The other reason would be the sugar content. If vodka contains about 50% sugar, it tends to freeze faster. However, only a few brands of vodka have this composition.

Final Thought

Vodka is a strong beverage that often has high alcohol content. Due to its high ethanol content, it is hard to freeze especially in a regular domestic freezer. It needs at least -114 degrees Celsius to freeze.

Dry ice and liquid nitrogen are two available options if you don’t have an industrial freezer. If you really want to freeze vodka, you can try these.

However, not all vodka brands are created equal. There are some brands that have low alcohol content. Those brands are easier to freeze. When buying vodka, try to pick the one that suits your preference.

If you want to freeze it, try to choose the brand that only has low ethanol content.

Related Questions

Can drinking frozen vodka kill you?

No, drinking a frozen vodka will not kill you. The effect is the same as what you experience with an unfreeze vodka.

What happens when you freeze vodka?

Nothing is significant will happen if you freeze a bottle of vodka. It will just have the same effect. It only makes it more refreshing to drink with a better texture.

How long does vodka last in the freezer?

Vodka can last in the freezer potentially for many years provided that the bottle is unopened. If you already opened it, then there might a bit changes in the taste. Some vodka companies recommend that you consume it within two years after purchasing.