Can You Marinate Sausages? (Best Tips)

Can You Marinate Sausages

Can you marinate sausages? This is one of the questions that I get a lot from people.

In this post, I decided to answer this query. If you ask the same question, then this post is for you too!

So, can you marinate sausages? Yes, you can marinate sausages. Marinating can be done with any food and it can add so much to the final dish. All you need to do is place your sausages in a container and pour in some basic ingredients like oil, salt, pepper, lemon or lime juice, herbs, and spices of your choice. The whole process often takes no more than an hour or two and sometimes even less.

The result can be truly amazing. Sausage can turn out much juicier and can take in all the flavors of the marinade you are using. What’s more, it can also become much more tender.

Marinating sausages can give you a number of benefits as well. First off, it can make the process of cooking them much easier and can also render them more tender and tasty at the same time.

What can you use to marinate sausages?

The ingredients can vary depending on your tastes and what type of sausage you’re using; think about if you want a dry rub or a wet marinade if you can add other meats or vegetables, etc.

Some combinations can include a dry rub of salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cumin can be used on any sausage.

Combine the spices together in a small bowl until they are well blended.

Sliced red onion can be added to the marinade.

After marinating the sausages, you can grill them on medium heat covered in aluminum foil or in a glass pan in the oven for 20-30 minutes in 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

As you can see, the process in marinating sausages is easy and quick. You can make some simple changes to your meals by using this technique if necessary.

Try it once and I am sure that you won’t stop cooking with this method!

How long to marinate sausages?

The length of time it takes to marinate sausages vary depending on what you are marinating and how the process be completed.

Most sausages take around an hour or two hours to fully absorb the flavors of the marinade; sometimes even less. You’ll know it’s ready when you pierce a sausage with a fork and juices flow out.

If you are marinating it for a longer time, say more than 4 hours or overnight, then make sure to place the meat in the fridge.

Never marinate food on your countertop or anywhere. This is to prevent bacteria build up which could result in contamination of the food.

Can you marinate sausages overnight?

The answer is yes! However, if your goal is to let the taste of the spices seep into the sausage meat, then marinate it for a bit longer. But make sure to keep the meat away from any bacteria sources.

You can also decide whether you want your sausages on sticks or whole on skewers. This method is perfect if you’re planning a barbecue and want to grill up some sausages.

If you have a favorite recipe that uses a marinade, then try to substitute half of the liquid with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

This will also give your sausage an extra kick.

Once it’s done, you can serve it as is, or you cut it in half in the middle of the lengthwise center with a sharp knife. This basically cuts your sausage in two pieces without separating them.

This way, when they are cooked on the grill or pan, they will be long enough to lay back into the bun. You have just made perfect marinate sausages.

The art of the barbecue is a skill that can be perfected over time, but it doesn’t have to take years.

Try some simple recipes and techniques, like how to make sausage kabobs, and soon you’ll be impressing your family and friends.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can marinate sausages. The good thing is that marinating sausages is simple.

Just be creative to create many different kinds of marinades.

Just remember that the time is dependent on how long you want the spices to be absorbed into the meat, and this varies depending on what type of sausage you are using.

You also need to keep in mind that there needs to be enough liquid in the container for it to flow over the sausages.

You only need to place the meat in a bowl then put all of the ingredients in a bowl and mixed together.

You can also choose to place the sausages in a sealed container and let it sit in the refrigerator.

Then, before you cook your sausages, remove them from the fridge, drain off any liquid and continue cooking as desired.

I hope this helps. Thank you for reading.

Related Questions

Can you season sausages? 

Yes, you can add seasonings to the sausages. The choice is yours when it comes to choosing and achieving the desired flavor.

Can you BBQ raw sausage?

Yes, it is very much possible to cook raw or fresh sausages on a barbecue and not only will they taste great but they will be safe to eat as well.

As long as you make sure the sausages are well cooked to a minimum internal temperature of at least 155 degrees, you are good to go.