Can You Freeze Cooked Dumplings? (Is It Safe)

Can You Freeze Cooked Dumplings

Dumplings are some of the perishables that can quickly go bad when not stored properly.

If you have leftovers, you might be thinking if you can freeze them.

Can you freeze cooked dumplings?

You can always freeze cooked dumplings. The good news is that both cooked and uncooked dumplings freeze well as long as they are stored properly.

The shelf life of cooked dumplings in the freezer depends on how they are handled and stored.

The key here is proper storage. But always remember that dumplings should not be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

If you forget the dumplings on the counter for too long, you should cook them instead of freezing or refrigerating them.

Foods that are left at room temperature for too long are at great risk of bacterial contamination.

Freezing will not kill the bacteria, it will only slow down the bacterial growth. So make sure that the leftover dumplings are safe by freezing them right after the meal.

How to freeze cooked dumplings?

If you have cooked or leftover dumplings, you do not want to waste them. Freezing is the best way to preserve the flavor and texture of dumplings.

But it is only possible if you freeze the dumplings correctly. The steps in freezing dumplings can vary depending on whether you freeze cook or uncooked.

In this post, I will share with you both ways. If you want to learn more, just continue reading.

Freezing cooked dumplings

If you want to freeze cooked dumplings, the following steps should be followed to have successful results.

Don’t worry, the following instructions are simple and easy to follow.

Step 1. Let the dumplings cool down

After cooking the dumplings, do not pop them directly into the freezer. There is a high chance that the warm temperature creates droplets in the plastic bag or container.

I see this all the time when warm foods are pack immediately. Those droplets can detrimentally affect the quality of the foods especially dumplings when they freeze.

Before packing the cooked dumplings, make sure that they have completely cooled down.

Step 2. Place dumplings in an airtight container

Cooked dumplings need to be placed in a freezer bag or airtight container. An airtight container will ensure that not much air is left inside to prevent freezer burn.

Place all the dumplings inside the airtight container. This will also help extend the shelf life of the dumplings in the freezer.

Step 3. Seal the freezer bad properly

If you are using a freezer bag, do not fill it with dumplings. Instead, leave at least an inch space at the top of the bag to easily seal it.

Step 4. Remove the air out

Before you seal the bag, make sure to remove as much air out of the bag. The air inside the bag could cause a freezer burn.

By removing the air inside the bag, the cooked dumplings will be safe and therefore can last longer in the freezer.

Step 5. Seal the plastic bag

Make sure that the bag is tightly sealed before you place it in the freezer.

6. Put a label on the bag

The last thing that I do when I freeze food is to put a date on the container. This will help me identify the length of time the food is being frozen.

Freezing uncooked dumplings

Freezing uncooked dumplings is pretty similar to freezing cooked dumplings. However, some additional steps needed to be done first before you can freeze uncooked dumplings.

If you want to learn more, keep reading.

Here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1. Prepare a tray

The first thing I recommend you do if you want to freeze uncooked dumplings is to prepare a tray and line it with parchment paper.

Step 2. Sprinkle flour on the tray

The next thing you need to do is to sprinkle the tray with flour. The purpose of this is to avoid the dumplings from sticking into the parchment paper.

Once done, place the dumplings on the tray and arrange them evenly. Make sure that they are equally spaced to prevent them from sticking to one another.

Step 3. Flash freeze

Once the uncooked dumplings are on the parchment-lined tray, flash freeze them for about 2 hours or until each dumpling freezes completely.

The main purpose of flash freezing is to prevent moisture loss in the dumplings during the thawing process.

Step 4. Transfer the frozen dumplings to a freezer bag

Once the uncooked dumplings are frozen, transfer them into the freezer bag or airtight container.

5. Seal the bag tightly

Sealing the bag tightly helps prevent freezer burn that could be detrimental to the dumplings.

The best thing to do is to leave at least an inch at the top of the bag to easily seal the bag tightly.

Make sure that you remove as much air as possible from the bag.

Step 6. Put a date on the bag

The last thing I recommend you to do is to put the date on the bag.

There you go, you have my recommended steps in freezing both cooked and uncooked dumplings.

How long can cooked dumplings last in the freezer?

Cooked dumplings can last for about 3-6 months in the freezer depending on how they are stored and the ingredients being used.

Vegetable dumplings tend to last longer in the freezer about 6 months or longer. It is because vegetables freeze well allowing the finished products to last in the freezer.

In contrast, dumplings that have meat ingredients tend to last shorter in the freezer less than 6 months.

In most cases, cooked dumplings that use meat as the main ingredient only last for about 3-4 months.

When frozen, the meat ingredient tends to get sunburned easily compromising the life span of dumplings in the freezer.

Can you refrigerate cook dumplings?

Yes, cooked dumplings can be refrigerated. When properly stored, they last for about 3-5 days in the fridge.

If not stored properly, dumplings can get dried in the fridge. The solution to this is to secure the cooked dumplings in an airtight container to prevent them from drying out.

If you have uncooked dumplings, I suggest that you freeze them instead of refrigerating them.

Although uncooked dumplings can be refrigerated, they tend to get too moist and become soggy.

This is the main reason why I usually store uncooked dumplings in the freezer rather than in the fridge.

Learn more about freezing here.

Final Thoughts

Dumplings are some of the foods that can turn bad pretty easily if not stored properly.

The best way to store them is by freezing them. Cooked dumplings can be frozen. You just need to store them in the freezer correctly.

Properly frozen cooked dumplings can last up to 6 months.

You can do the same with uncooked ones. You can follow the steps in freezing both cooked and uncooked dumplings shared in this post.


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