Can You Refreeze a Frozen Pizza?

Can You Refreeze a Frozen Pizza

Suppose that you have a frozen pizza ready to cook. But then you are confronted with an emergency that you need to attend to.

In this situation, you might be thinking if you can refreeze your frozen pizza. I was in that same situation before and I can tell how you feel.

But don’t worry, your pizza won’t be wasted.

So, can you refreeze a frozen pizza?

Yes, you can refreeze a frozen pizza. I recommend that you slice it into smaller pieces and wrap each piece with aluminum foil and plastic. This keeps the pizza safe for up to three months in the freezer.

But first things first, you need to understand that refreezing can affect the quality of your pizza.

To start with, it can harm or destroy some ingredients in your frozen pizza the longer it stays in the freezer.

For example, if you have an onion topping on your frozen pizza and you refreeze it, then this can affect the recipe.

Refreezing can cause the onion to spoil faster. It can also ruin its taste.

And for the cheese on your frozen pizza, it can lose its waxy texture when refreeze and can become rubbery.

How to refreeze a frozen pizza?

By now, it should be clear to you that even though you can refreeze frozen pizza, there are things you need to consider.

However, refreezing a frozen pizza is simple. The steps below will guide you to do so:

1. Place the pizza slices in a freezer bag and squeeze out as much air as you can.

2. Place the bag in the coldest part of your freezer for up to three months.

3. Remove from bag and place on a plate to thaw for about an hour before cooking or reheating.

4. To reheat, place slices in toaster oven or preheated 450-500-degree pan until bubbly and hot throughout.

As you can see, refreezing frozen pizza is straight forward process. Anyone can do it and you can too!

No doubt, there are several reasons why you can refreeze your frozen pizza.

The top three reasons can be summarized as follows:

1. Pizza can be refrozen when cooked or uncooked.

2. You can refreeze pizza slices that are not in a sauce.

3. Cheese can be reheated after it has been frozen and refroze without any noticeable damage to its taste or texture.

Now, you can definitely save your pizza from getting spoiled by knowing these facts.

Can you refreeze pepperoni pizza?

It is reported that you can refreeze slices of pepperoni pizza without any negative effect on its taste or texture. 

However, can you refreeze pepperoni pizza after it has been cooked?

If your pepperoni pizza is fully cooked, then you can refreeze it.

However, if your pepperoni pizza is only partially cooked then no, you can’t refreeze it!

It can be dangerous to eat a partially cooked pizza. It can cause food poisoning.

When can you refreeze a frozen pizza?

It’s okay to put a frozen pizza in the fridge and then back in the freezer again. It can stay good for up to 3 months.

If you do decide to refreeze your pizza, make sure that it has been thawed and heated for about an hour first.

If you can follow the instructions properly, then your pizza can be refrozen with no damage to its quality.

And you can save yourself from wasting your money.

Can thawed frozen pizza be refrozen?

Yes, you can refreeze a thawed frozen pizza.

But make sure that the pizza has been thawed and heated for an hour before refreezing it again.

How long can a frozen pizza stay out of the freezer?

The general rule suggests that you can only leave your pizza out for about 2 hours.

But if it’s above 90 degrees, then cut this time down to 45 minutes.

If you can’t finish the pizza during this time, then keep it in the refrigerator and reheat later.


In conclusion, you can refreeze a frozen pizza as long as you can follow the safety guidelines mentioned above.

If stored properly, you can refreeze a frozen pizza for up to 3 months.

I hope this post helps answer your question.

If you want to learn more about refreezing foods, feel free to visit this guide here.